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VHD Utility is a useful application to take care of all types of VHD management
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Xtralogic, Inc.

The requirements of a virtual machine are quite tedious to understand and even though applications like Microsoft Virtual server and Virtual PC don’t increment the storage capacity, they are pretty much needed. However they must be allocated optimum space, and Xtralogic VHD Utility is one resourceful application that sets up everything right by expanding the VHD.

The program comes with a context menu on a VHD file, making it simple and easy-to-handle for the user. The applications primarily expands the dynamic and fixed VHDs, playing their VHD information like the VHD storage capacity, allocated size, VHD type and provides a great helpful solution to all the virtual drive issues. It comes with an intuitive and easy to use GUI along with support to the command line interface.

If the user opts to expand the VHD in place, then the process is really fast, as it takes place almost simultaneously, otherwise in those cases wherein a separate copy of the original is extended, the application takes some time. In this process, the original contents totally remain intact, and only its copy is expanded. Overall, Xtralogic VHD Utility is a fairly useful application to take care of all types of VHD management.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Supports command line interface & takes care of many VHD related issues


  • 64bit versions of Windows not supported
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